Our co-curricular program is an important component of the total education experience we offer at here at Tailem Bend Primary and is one in which we encourage full participation.

To achieve a high standard we rely on parent support and this is an expectation of joining one of the following programs:


Students have the opportunity to join the school choir which is under the leadership of our music teacher.  They are given a six week period to experience choir before committing to the program for the remainder of the year. Once that commitment is made, they purchase a book and CD of songs so that they can participate in the Festival of Music. The regional choir trainer also supports the school based music teacher.

Festival of Music

The state wide Festival of Music is held at the Adelaide Festival Centre, usually in term 3.  Our school joins with neighbouring schools to practise in the lead up to the Festival. Final practices are held at the Festival Centre. Students may need to purchase a plain coloured T-shirt, black pants and dark coloured shoes for the occasion. In term 4, the choir also takes part in a regional music festival.

Instrumental Music

The Instrumental Music Service provides specialist teachers to teach students a range of musical instruments. The range may include:
• Trumpet
• Trombone
• Clarinet
• Flute
Students are required to pay a fee to hire an instrument if they do not have one of their own.

Pedal Prix

Tailem Bend Primary has successfully participated in all three of the Australian International Pedal Prix races over the past few years. These races are held at Victoria Park in Adelaide and Murray Bridge, usually in term 3. Students are invited to join a training squad under the leadership of the student counsellor. A large band of parents, school staff and community members form a pivotal support band.

Students who choose to be part of the squad are expected to uphold the values of commitment, team work and perseverance and to attend all practices.